Las Vegas Non-profit, Teen Liaison Co Chair

Ami Bayani, the health, wellness, and beauty specialist has a great love for creating a society based on value and passion. As the Teen Liaison, Miss Bayani is constantly building connections through the nonprofit sector all over the Las Vegas Valley as she finds new and innovative ways to get the teens involved in the community. She believes that if we begin teaching our youth daily habits that help society, then there are no limits to the humanitarians we raise for the future. Her passion for human empowerment has enabled her to truly connect with individuals all over the world while building tremendous bonds of friendship amongst the people she meets.

Miss Bayani’s opportunist background has enabled her to participate in all aspects of the modeling industry from runway, to print, to spokes modeling for various domestic and international companies. From your leading spirits and beer brands, to products to enhance one’s overall health and wellness. Her mastery and love of the business has granted her the term “Supermodel” in more than one country.

As if being a world renowned model wasn’t enough, Miss Bayani has gone above and beyond to gain a true understanding of the modeling industry by identifying her entrepreneurial spirit and running her own talent agency in her early years. Making this supermodel not only a beauty, but heart and brains too! She successfully ran her agency for many years after moving forward to truly fulfill her dreams of encouraging individuals through the movement of obtaining absolute happiness. She does this by offering mentorship to young professionals and coaching women of all ages to become Proud Working Models and Title Holders in National Beauty Pageants.

Now, Miss Bayani is expanding her horizons as she fulfills her heroic mission as a member of B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. FOUNDATION, a business owner, beauty enthusiast, artist, model, environmentalist, and activist with a true mission to inspire. She dedicates herself to the development of every aspect of life and shares it with the world through her passion as a community liaison. Miss Bayani utilizes her background in the modeling industry to truly connect to women and acknowledge what every young lady strives to be… a more eloquent, confident, and capable woman.

Ami Bayani’s Super Power is like Jean Grey, reminding everyone that like a Phoenix you can rise from the ashes and save the world.