Brian Cutler-Clark

Technology Co-Chair

Brian Cutler-Clark is a technology committee member for the B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation. He supports the organization with various tasks from website maintenance to advertising and fundraising.

Brian works at Lark Management as an Executive Assistant in Las Vegas, NV. He is responsible for the management of a number of properties in the Las Vegas area. Brian also works as a manager at 411 Locals, an internet marketing service agency. While working and volunteering, Brian is also attending UNLV where he is working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.

Family is very important to Brian. He comes from a family of five and lives close to many of his family members. He often plays the role of the family technological consultant helping troubleshoot problems with devices, hardware and software. Friendships are also important to Brian. He cares deeply about those close to him and puts the effort into maintaining relationships even when separated by great distances.

Brian is married to Joseph Clark. Together, they enjoy shopping, trying new restaurants, and traveling when possible. They live downtown amidst all the action of Las Vegas and have created a little wild kingdom of their own comprised of 3 cats and 2 dogs.