Jaclyn Scott

Jaclyn Scott (known by most as Jax) was born and raised in small town Arcadia, Oklahoma. At an early age, she eschewed social constraints, preferring to shoot guns, ride dirt bikes and barrel race; often times she was the only female competitor.  Ever since she can remember, she yearned to experience the diversity of cultures outside of her own. When afforded the opportunity, she began to travel the world, preferring ‘off the beaten path’ destinations where she could experience cultural immersion.

While most of her peers were in their sophomore or junior year of college, Jax began her first entrepreneurial venture; a successful nationwide perfume company.  However, longing for adventure, she knew she needed more in her life. With a family that included a Purple Heart recipient grandfather and a Ranger brother, the military seemed to run in her blood.  So one January morning in 2004, Jax changed her life and raised her right hand. Almost 13 years later, she continues her service.

Jax never planned to attend college but thankfully a mentor in her life encouraged her to obtain her Associate Degree in Business; which at that time seemed like an easy task. She graduated with Honors and decided that she could easily complete her Bachelors thus she graduated with a degree in Business and obtained Honors in that degree as well.

Jax most notable accomplishment is her successful completion and membership in the Army’s first Cultural Support Team (CST) training program in the spring of 2011. The CST training program is a rigorous three-phase selection process. Selection begins with a packet and a board. If candidates are good enough on paper, and she was, they are invited to participate in a one-week test of their physical abilities, mental resilience, teamwork, and leadership. The few remaining candidates are then invited to Bank Hall in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The next two months are full of stress drills, marksmanship, combatives, medical training and advanced troop leading procedures. The training is similar to training the elite Special Forces receive but in a condensed and tailored manner. In the final phase, the females are submerged in the language and cultures of their mission. Upon graduation, the females deploy with teams of Rangers or Special Forces.

Jax spent the next 15 months embedded with a team of Special Forces in the villages of northern Afghanistan. She worked over 500 Key Leader Engagements (KLE) and 20 Direct Action (DA) missions in support of the Special Forces, subsequently supporting the 3rd Kandak Afghan Commandos. During her tour, she served with seven different teams in all nine provinces of northern Afghanistan.

As a Staff Sergeant, Jax received the Bronze Star of Merit (an award reserved only for the best Soldiers in the rank of Sergeant First Class and higher) for her outstanding leadership in her role as Team Leader during combat.  Back stateside, Jax was personally selected to serve on the Village Stability Board for Special Operations Forces.  She remained as a liaison with the CST program in the following months.

Today she serves as an adviser for CST deploying and facilitates marksmanship training, allowing her to still serve in the Special Forces community.