Lisa Boyack


Volunteer Chair

Lisa Boyack is currently serving as a Volunteer Coordinator Co-Chair for the BE A SHERO Foundation.  She assists in the recruitment and training of volunteers and helps manage volunteer schedules for events and projects.

Lisa earned a BA of Science in Human Development from Brigham Young University.  Upon graduation, she worked in clinical research for a urologist in Las Vegas.  After having her first child in 2004, she and her husband Nate started their own company, Bringing About Independence (BAI), to provide assisted living support for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  In 2011, they were able to expand their reach into other areas of mental health assistance as founding partners of Sage Health Services.

Upon meeting Lisa, one might assume she is a quiet, reserved individual.  After getting to know her, that impression would be very mistaken as she has a fire within that pushes her to work passionately for worthy causes. Whether through employment or volunteer work, she seeks for ways to better the lives of those around her.  Lisa is very involved in service through her church and currently helps teens through various church programs.  Lisa has also been serving as her neighborhood’s HOA president for the past 5 years.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys fitness, sports, water-skiing, snow-skiing, hiking, and traveling.  She especially enjoys sharing these hobbies with her husband and four children.

The superheroine Lisa most identifies with is Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman) because of her love for medical research and her capacity to nurture and protect.  Both women are mothers balancing family life with all their other responsibilities and commitments.  Their superpowers allow them to be understated yet make a great impact.