Margaret Ziedin

Experience Brought to the Foundation

Margaret recently retired from 12 years in COMRE. Although she continues to specialize in investor connections; she has redirected her life and entrepreneurial experience into working with others, coaching HSP (Highly Sensitive People) and empath entrepreneurs. She isn’t new to reinvention, Margaret moved to the USA from Australia in 1999. Combining her passion in what she calls adventure entrepreneuring, travelling and creating opportunity in business, fashion, healing arts and more importantly contribution, philanthropy, giving back, making us better for our world.

Margaret is one of 300 Certified High Performance Coaches, she holds a Diploma in International Trade from The School of International Business Sydney, she is a Certified Commercial Real Estate professional (CREC) by the LIED School of Real Estate Studies UNLV, a Certified Life Essentials Coach, is certified in Classical Meditation and Hatha Yoga, and is a licensed massage therapist and GuaSha practitioner in Nevada and Colorado as well as a licensed real estate broker.