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Jae Brosal

I was born and raised in California. I am happily married; I have three adult children and three grandchildren. I am a graduate of Lindenwood University with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management. I have over twenty years of experience as A Human Resource Professional in San Diego, California, St. Louis, Missouri and Las Vegas, Nevada. I held numerous certifications including PHR, Incident Command, Targeted Selection, Coaching and Maximizing Performance and more. My ability to adapt well to a variety of circumstances and build rapport with people from all walks of life was a vital part of my success as an HR professional. I have been retired for six years and much of my time is spent reading, playing paddle tennis, exercising, photography and art. I am very family oriented and spend a great deal of time with my husband, daughter, granddaughter, and grandson in law.

The Superhero I choose is She-Hulk because I have been through a lot in my life and have remained strong and tough. The obstacles I have encountered only enhanced my ability to fight and become stronger. I am resilient and adapt well to change. (I can roll with the punches)