Help Doesn’t Always Involve Money

Without Money


We pride ourselves in being a network that loves to collaborate! We connect people, resources, in-kind donations and nonprofits to create the desired outcome without the need for monetary donations.

Our nonprofits currently need:

  • Essentials (toothpaste, underwear, socks etc)
  • Event volunteers
  • Clothes donations

With Money

Donated Resources SHERO Foundation

Did you know that Be a SHERO Foundation is 100% volunteer run? This means that 100% of the money donated directly reaches the network of nonprofits that we serve!

How would you like to help?

  • “I want to be a one-time donor…”
  • “I want to donate every month…”

With Time


Donating your time is often the best way to have a positive impact on your community. We have many ways that you can get involved and we want to learn more about you so that volunteering is impactful and rewarding to you.

Donate Your Time & Expertise:

  • Get involved with B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation
  • Become an Event Volunteer
  • Donate your Expertise
  • Help our nonprofits with their events
  • Let people know about SHERO!

Donate for FREE!

There are great companies already helping great nonprofits! Two of those are Smith’s and Amazon. Smith’s and Amazon help local nonprofits by giving a percentage of each sale to Be a SHERO Foundation. Set it up once and use it forever…

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Smith's Community Rewards Help Be a SHERO Foundation

Smith’s Community Program

Did you know that by simply shopping at Smith’s Be a SHERO Foundation can get funds donated to Be a SHERO automatically?

It takes 30 seconds to setup!

Amazon Smile Supports Be a SHERO Foundation

Amazon’s Community Program

Did you know that by simply shopping on Amazon, Be a SHERO Foundation can automatically be donated a small percentage of your purchase?

It takes 30 seconds to setup!