Teen Board | Co-Director


Allison is a Las Vegas native and competitive dancer. She has loved dance and her academics for years. She absolutely adores her two dogs and hopes to rescue many more in the future from rough homes. Allison has also always been a feminist, and she joined SHERO to help fight for equality for all.

Allison has always wanted to support other girls and help to create a nurturing supportive environment for all. Being a part of SHERO makes her feel like she is really making a change and helping those in need. She believes SHERO is a wonderful organization and is excited to be a part of it for many years.

If Allison could be any superhero she would be Harley Quinn from the Birds or Pray movie. She fought alongside some amazing women protecting a young girl. She protects girls and women in need while also empowering those around her. Allison hopes to also create this kind of environment for all.