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Teen Board | Executive Director


Skye is the Director of Outreach of the SHERO Teen Board. One of Skye’s passions is the performing arts, including singing, dancing, musical theater and even circus aerial acts. She loves taking risks by flying through the air on a flying trapeze and putting herself out in the world. Another one of her talents is playing volleyball as a right side hitter. She is extremely excited to use her skills in communication, reaching out and presentation to support and advance the Teen Board and the Foundation as a whole. She would love to educate the community on how to prevent and stop sex trafficking in the Las Vegas area and eventually the U.S. Empowering others around her is one of her favorite things to do since it gives her energy to do more every day. If she could be a superhero she would be Captain Marvel since she is a strong and empowering young woman taking risks to take care and help others.