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Advisory Board Member

Anita Koka

Anita Koka has resided in Las Vegas since 1995 and has established a remarkable career spanning the construction and healthcare industries. She has made significant contributions through her roles in the construction and development of several prominent hotels and casinos in Las Vegas and California.

For over a decade, Anita has excelled as a Project Management Professional (PMP), a credential that has enabled her to contribute her expertise across Healthcare, IT, and Construction Management sectors. Presently, she is deeply involved in healthcare consulting, aiding medical facilities in their expansion and in launching new ventures.

Anita’s passion for community service was sparked in her childhood when she and her family would feed the homeless during the holiday season. This early exposure to volunteering profoundly influenced her continued commitment to serving the community. Anita has been an integral part of the BE A SHERO Foundation since its inception, actively contributing her skills in organizing major fundraising events. Her efforts have been crucial in advancing the foundation’s mission. Currently, she serves as an advisory board member, providing strategic guidance and leveraging her vast network to support and expand the foundation’s medical outreach.

Anita also currently serves as the co-president for the Clark County Medical Society Alliance (CCMSA) for the 2024/2025 year, during which BE A SHERO Foundation has been selected by CCMSA as its charity of choice. In her personal life, Anita is profoundly enriched by the love and warmth of her family, who are her greatest source of pride and joy.

She treasures every moment spent with them, finding in these gatherings not only affection but also profound inspiration and rejuvenation. Beyond her cherished family time, Anita leads a dynamic lifestyle with interests that include exercising, cooking, reading, and traveling. Her passion for health and nutrition often finds her advising others on maintaining a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.