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SHERO Shield is an education and training awareness program for the prevention and intervention of sex-trafficking.

Learn more about identifying and understanding this problem that is impacting the youth in our community. Think it can’t happen to someone you know? Median age of a trafficked minor is 13 years old. Top recruiting tactics are social media and gamming platforms. Las Vegas is a TOP U.S. Hub and city of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. This crosses ALL socio-economic, racial and religious communities. SHERO Shield is a power to stop predators in their tracks and offer solutions for survivors.

Real Talk

We encourage you to use this information and start a conversation to protect your family and friends.


Tricks you (usually online) by becoming a 'boyfriend' or 'mentor'.


Tells you to 'keep your relationship secret'. Promises to 'save you.'


Falsely offers to protect you from a bad environment: abuse at home. foster care.


Buys gifts, gives excessive attention and affection 'for a price.'


Uses psychological manipulation like violence or threats to hold you captive.

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What Do I Do Now?

See Something = Say Something (ABCD)

Access the situation and level of urgency

  • Low: Contact LVMPD Vice Tip Line: (702) 828 – 3455 or VICE@LVMPD.COM (not available 24/7)
  • Medium: Call 311 if no one is in imminent danger
  • High: Call 911 if the situation is an emergency

Be Aware of and document relevant information (be a good witness).

Call the appropriate number to make a report.

Do not put yourself in danger by trying to intervene or question those involved.

Need someone to talk to, RISE hotline: 24/7 H (702) 936 – 4004

Signs of Trafficking

  • Running away, school truancy
  • Too tired for school (late nights online or “working”)
  • New, unexplained cash, jewelry, expensive items
  • New/unexplained tattoo, bruising, injuries
  • Burner Phones/secondary phone
  • Sudden change of sexualized clothing/attitude/online presence

National Human Trafficking Hotline and Report 1-888-373-7888. | Text INFO to BeFree (233733)