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SHERO Sanctuary: Provide transitional housing, travel and basic needs, along with medical and counseling services for victims of sex-trafficking as they continue through recovery.

Mobile Sanctuary: Street operations and community outreach in high-risk areas for medical in-take, counseling, testing, and emergency housing support for those currently in “The Life.”


Human Trafficking, Sexual Violence Center

Our focus on supporting victims in the immediate aftermath and long-term recovery following sexual abuse and assault is unwavering. Through our 24 hour hotline; information and services available at our resource center; support of victims and families as they go through the court system; the recent addition and expansion of counseling services for survivors of sexual abuse and assault through our Signs of Hope Counseling Center.

24/7: 702-366-1640

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National Human Trafficking Hotline

The National Human Trafficking Hotline is a national anti-trafficking hotline serving victims and survivors of human trafficking and the anti-trafficking community in the United States. The toll-free hotline is available to answer calls from anywhere in the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year in more than 200 languages.


TTY: 771

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LVMPD Victim Services

It is the mission of the Victim Services Detail to help victims of crime by providing crisis intervention, support, referrals, and encouraging safety practices to reduce the likelihood of future victimization.


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The Vice and Sex Trafficking Investigations Section is a key member of the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force (SNHTTF), partnering with local and federal law enforcement agencies and non-governmental partners to combat Human Trafficking. The SNHTTF also provides awareness and education programs.


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FBI Las Vegas

You can report suspicious activities and cybercrimes by contacting us 24/7 at (702) 385-1281 or

Embracing Project

A wide range of classes, activities, workshops and services are provided here to young people who have been affected by a wide range of dehumanizing treatment that affects the dignity of an individual. Some of these experiences may include: sex trafficking, gangs, domestic violence, street violence, sexual assault, bullying, armed conflict & war, refugee status, hate crimes & discrimination, and institutional violence.


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Salvation Army/Seeds of Hope

Las Vegas has been identified by a Justice Department risk analysis study as one of 17 cities nationwide most likely to be the top destinations for trafficking victims. Everyday in our valley, SEEDS of Hope works with both foreign and domestic victims of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Through our comprehensive case management services we can provide emergency shelter, transportation, clothing, food, victim advocacy, crises intervention and safety planning, medical and dental care, derivative family member benefits, mental health counseling, employment assistance, legal referrals, substance abuse treatment, access to child care, and other service recommendations. 702-649-8240 ext 230
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Dress for Success Southern Nevada

They are offering our clients: Virtual Wardrobe Refresh or Restyle “YOUR” Wardrobe Zoom Appointments!
  • Virtual Wardrobe Refresh Zoom appointments where a stylist helps the client shop for “immediate need” clothing items to add to her existing wardrobe for interviews or employment. Dress For Success then purchases a couple of client-selected clothing items and ships them directly to the client’s home.
  • Restyle “YOUR” Wardrobe Zoom appointments where a stylist helps clients mix and match clothing items that the client already owns to create professional and fashionable “new looks” for interviews and the workplace.
  • Dress For Success Southern Nevada Power Hour Zoom webinars every Saturday at 10am covering a range of topics from self-care to starting your own business and much more!
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