B.E. A. S.H.E.R.O. Foundation Teen Board

The Teen Board is the connection between the Founding Executive Board and our target group of young women. As community minded teenagers, we guide the adults through the complex maze of a teenager’s head, help them see the world through youthful and energetic eyes, and we bring fresh ideas and up-to- date solutions to B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation.

We have the power to connect more intimately with our peers through the power of friendship and acceptance; we give a sense of comfort that we sometimes cannot get from adults. Through the connections and relationships building with our peers we are effectively able to help accomplish B.E.A.S.H.E.R.O.’s mission to support, sustain and empower young girls and women under the age of 25 who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, and exploited. The Teen Board is always looking for opportunities to serve and connect with other teens, collaborating with them in making the world a happier and safer place for all young women.

Teen Board Members

Annica Garcia

Annica is a senior at Desert Oasis high school. She loves to write, travel, and meet new people. Annica is a strong believer in accomplishing anything you want and demonstrates this with her daily life. B.E.A.S.H.E.R.O Foundation gives her the opportunity to help her peers but people she has never met before. Annica is the secretary on the Teen Board and with her passion of learning new things and helping others she is gaining the skills she needs to.

In the future she plans on joining the Peace Corps to further her love of volunteering. Annica is a compassionate person but also a fighter for what she believes in, which is why she is most like the character Katara from a cartoon called Avatar the Last Airbender. Katara is very loving and caring but also a very determined, tough fighter.

Sarah Stiles

Sarah Stiles is a Junior at Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. She was born in Long Island, New York. Her passion is to act, sing, and dance and she loves to spread positivity around her community and with her friends.

Being apart of B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. gives Sarah the chance to meet new friends, help make the world a better place, and to spread love around her community. She finds empowering young women is extremely important and knows that the S.H.E.R.O. foundation will make that change. Sarah compares herself to the Disney Princess Jasmine. She follows her heart and is not afraid to take risks. Sarah is confident young lady who loves to go on new adventures and try new things.

Breanna Bell

Breana (Bree) Bell is a senior at Desert Oasis High School. She is the Director of Events for the teen board and became interested in being part of the foundation after modeling for the Cinderella’s Closet Teen Expo in 2017. Since she was young, Bree has been involved with singing, dancing, and modeling. Bree plans to pursue a career in music production when she graduates from high school. Her biggest role model is her mom who raised Bree by herself and instilled with her the values to be compassionate and hard working.

Bree’s focus in life today is to keep helping the community in any way she can, keep working hard to accomplish her dreams, and to never be afraid to let her voice be heard. Bree compares herself to Wonder Women because she is strong and likes to do multiple things at once to stay busy. Bree is mature in personality and carries a humanitarian spirit.

Elli Palladino

Elli Palladino is a sophomore in high school. She enjoys running track and practicing yoga. Her favorite things to do are travel, and eat exotic foods. She is constantly open to new experiences and learning different things. Her Super heroine she most resembles is the Black Widow because she can speed her way out of any bad situation or help others quickly and in a smart manner. Elli serves as Director of Media.

Calisto Smith

Calisto Smith is a senior at Sunrise Mountain high school. She enjoys doing art and watching Kung Fu flicks. Her dream when she grows up is to be an art director at a video game studio or run her own. Calisto is very hard working and is always willing to give a helping hand. Although she has always been very shy she wants to over come it by helping her community.

Calisto joined B.E.A.S.H.E.R.O so that she could help less fortunate women in need and to make an impact in her community. She serves in the Teen Board as the director of media in collaboration with Elli Palladino.
In addition Calisto’s favorite super shero is Hawk Girl because she has a cool attitude and is totally underrated. Hawk Girl also has a big mace that has the ability to channel electricity, Calisto like’s to think of the mace as her own determination.

Founding Teen Board Members


Jannah Bowen

Jannah Bowen is a Taiwanese American who reads, writes, and speaks fluent English, Chinese, and Taiwanese. She loves the great outdoors and going on epic camping road trips. Jannah is a filmmaker who believes in the power of storytelling. She conveys her thoughts and perspectives of the world through her videos.

Being a part of BE A SHERO has given Jannah opportunities to serve others in the community and build friendships with people who believe in the same causes as she does. Jannah feels like the live version of Disney’s warrior princess, Mulan. Like Mulan, Jannah is a dedicated fighter who is willing to take on any challenge. She isn’t afraid of being negatively judged by society and is willing to stand up for what she believes in.


Sarina Dass

A senior in the Legal Studies program at Advanced Technologies Academy, Sarina Dass is ecstatic about serving as the Executive Director of the Teen Advisory Board. With B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation, she looks forward to creating a better tomorrow for young girls in the Las Vegas area and eventually around the world.

Through Mock Trial, Trial By Peers, and an internship with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, Sarina has fostered a passion for law. She hopes to pursue a career in policy, specializing in the areas of child welfare and education.

As a leader, Sarina identifies most with Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls. Like Blossom, she is fearless yet analytical, persistent but caring, and always the brains of any operation.


Zoë Ruge

Zoë Ruge is a German exchange student who is a Junior at Palo Verde High School. She is an open, intelligent and creative girl. Zoë loves traveling, helping people to create a better life and making new experiences. She is involved with BE A SHERO because she wants to make this world a better place and she knows that volunteering with BE A SHERO is the first step in the right direction.

Supergirl is Zoë’s soul mate under the super heroes because her main source of energy is solar power; Zoë cares about using wind and solar instead of nuclear energy. She also speaks multiple languages fluently and Supergirl doesn’t use any weapons beside her body and her gifts.