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We Are Not Our Thoughts

Dec 20, 2016

We are not our thoughts…  But thoughts do become things. Our thoughts can shape what we become, how we perceive situations and the results we create in life. Regardless of any situation, we get to choose what thoughts to water for growth. We have the power to bloom the thoughts we choose into creation.

Every human will experience negative times in life, but what matters is how we remember to control our thoughts and mind. We have the power to shift any situation with our thoughts and visualization.

Circumstances do not define us. Our thoughts and beliefs do!

We may view a situation as negative, but our thoughts are capable of shifting from ‘problem’ to opportunity. Every ‘problem’ then becomes a prob-ortunity. If the body is still breathing, there is always hope. Every day is new opportunities and the chance to create something new.

There are numerous daily actions that can lead to powerful positive mindset.

Visualization and repetition help train our brains to use thoughts as tools to our ideal outcome.

Visualization is a natural process as we are constantly seeing pictures in our mind. We get to choose what we see. The thoughts we think, pictures we visualize and actions we take. If your mind naturally goes to what you don’t want, over what you do want, it’s time to create healthy visualization habits. This could mean creating a ‘vision board’, putting up positive words, pictures or anything that symbolizes the pictures you desire to see in your mind and life. Start reminding your thoughts of the things you desire to show up in your life.

Meditation is such an amazing self-help tool that not only relaxes your mind, but gives your brain a break so you can properly retrain your brain and perception. The quietness of the mind is when epiphanies are heightened. Even if you repeat positive affirmations in your mind while sitting in your peace, you are now taking control of your brain, instead of your brain controlling you.

Breathing techniques are a powerful way to reduce mental stress and promote healing while relieving pain and suffering by mentally seeing the solution.

When visualization, mediation, breathing techniques and a positive attitude are all combined, the outcomes are limitless. You have the power to shift any situation, no matter how severe, simply by loving your mind and allowing your mind to love you.