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The importance of personal hygiene

Oct 3, 2016

Most girls are embarrassed by talking about the importance of their knowledge of their personal hygiene.

Have you ever had a question about your body or sexuality that you felt too embarrassed to ask? We all have.

The reality is, we ALL experience bodily changes, have questions about our bodies, what they are doing, when they are doing it and why. Women can create human beings in our bodies which is nothing short of a miracle.

We are built with the same parts, but they operate differently depending on what we put into our bodies and how we take care of them. This means cleanliness, smell, and function.

Although it may feel embarrassing at first to ask questions or even have something going on with your body you do not think is right, healthy or in balance… It’s OK to ask. Learn and grow, like our bodies are already doing.

Personal hygiene plays a massive role in these often un-asked questions. What is proper hygiene? Am I cleaning and taking care of myself correctly? Is there a time I should be taking different hygiene steps?

Hygiene is essential to your health and happiness. Our bodies change with age, experience, and circumstance. With these changes comes new methods and ways to clean, love and take care of ourselves.

We are in this together, let’s learn from one another. Something you are experiencing, another woman has experienced too. A question you have, is the same question someone else has had. Never be ashamed of changes in your body. Keep yourself clean, healthy, happy and always know it’s OK to reach out for resources and support!