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Discover how you can empower teens to thrive!

Apr 4, 2018

If you look up the word empower, you will see that it means to make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.  Empowering someone to take control of their own destiny is powerful.

It’s no secret that our youth is the future. That’s why it’s important to guide them,  lead by example, and teach to be responsible, caring, altruistic and respectful. So, how can you empower teens to become great leaders?

Believe in them-  There’s nothing more important than the power of belief. Teens can have a vivid imagination and can dream big. Instead of discouraging them, encourage them that no dream or goal is too big. Believe in their ability to create, perform, produce and anything they set their mind to.  Show them that the sky’s the limit and they can achieve their goals.

Let them Make Decisions-– Teens will be faced with different challenges throughout their lifetime. Whether that is choosing the perfect college, or terminating a friendship. As they navigate through life, they will need to learn how to make choices that can have a positive impact on their future.

Teach them to be responsible: It’s important to teach teens responsibility so they can navigate through this wonderful thing we call life.  Teaching responsibility empowers your teens how to manage the important aspects of their life: Credit, Home Ownership,  Employment, Relationships and much more. Assign chores and tasks to your teens and empower them to find a job that teaches them career skills.

Teach them to give back- Charitable work should start at home. It’s important to teach your children that charities do not only need money. They also need caring volunteers who dedicate their time and attention to those who are in need.  Giving back will help your teens develop altruistic skills while making them feel good.

Empowering teens will give them high self-esteem, confidence, and a strong desire to succeed. If you have a teen or know of a teen who wants to support a great cause, give back, and find a job this summer, tell them about our upcoming Cinderella’s Closet: Teen Expo and Job Fair!