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What you need to know about modern day sex slavery!

Mar 12, 2018

You hear the words modern-day slavery, and human trafficking all the time. You probably even have contributed to an organization that fights modern day slavery. However, did you know there’s much more to modern day slavery than what meets the eye? In order to fight modern-day slavery, we must understand what it means.

The U.S. Department of State classifies modern-day slavery as the following:

  • Sex trafficking
  • Forced child labor
  • Domestic servitude
  • Bonded labor or debt bondage
  • Child sex trafficking
  • Unlawful recruitment and use of child soldiers

In 2014, nearly 21 million people were working as modern day slaves and fell victim to trafficking, forced labor, and sexual exploitation.  In less than 2 years that number has doubled to over 40 million victims, with women and girls making up 71% of these victims.

This criminal activity is absurd and must be stopped.  However, we can’t stop modern-day sex slavery alone. That’s where you come in. When you are more aware of what Modern day slavery means, you will be more inclined to take action and help. So, here are some things you need to know about modern day sex slavery.

Products you use every day are made by modern-day slavery victims

From garments to produce, some of your favorite things are being produced by victims forced to working grueling and long hours with little to no pay. We are fortunate that the U.S. Department of Labor has a public list of certain countries and the type of goods they are selling under these conditions. You can get access to this list here:  So, next time you go shopping, do your research and make sure you are not contributing to the problem.

Modern-day slavery is happening in your own backyard

While you may hear about human trafficking victims in Thailand, and other countries around the world, modern-day slavery is prevalent in America. While Nevada has been known for a hot destination for human trafficking, some of the states with the most reported human trafficking cases are California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, and New York.

Modern-day slavery can happen to anyone.

While most modern-day slavery victims are from impoverished environments, there are some middle-class human trafficking victims from certain ethnic and religious groups. Traffickers are very manipulative and can coerce their victims into this vicious life through violence, threats, false pretenses, and money.  Becoming a victim of modern day sex slavery can happen to anyone.

We can work together to end modern-day slavery

It’s possible to end modern-day slavery once and for all. However, it’s going to take becoming more aware of our surroundings and working together. This way, we can truly make a difference.  If you want to stop modern day slavery, get involved in with an organization, host educational workshops, report suspicious activity. Become an advocate for human rights and do everything in your power to stop modern day slavery. Trucking companies, hotel organizations, and airlines are joining the fight against modern-day slavery. If you own a company, we encourage you to implement a plan that will fight modern day slavery.

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